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Women Must Have Spring/Summer Perfumes

Your scent selection, such as your coffee order, is highly individualized. Thus, is there a "best" perfume for women? Probably not. The finest fragrance for you may be quite different from the best smell for another person and that's just the thrill.

Regardless of whether you discovered your distinctive perfume at the age of 16 and haven't looked back. Or if you're still starting to figure out which notes appeal to you, we've compiled a list of surrogate, classy, and unexpected women must have spring/summer perfumes.

1. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

For those who like their perfume to be both sweet and spicy with a dash of patchouli and vanilla to go along with it, this is the scent for you. To put it another way, Flowerbomb is both opulently feminine and irresistibly frivolous, with nods to the more diabolical aspects of the Dionysiac era. The excellent fragrance of this perfume smells good especially in summer.

Smells like: Moonlight on a petal-strewn pathway.

2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Experience an autumnal feast of delicious blackcurrant with zingy pear stacked on the upper end of fragrant jasmine and mandarin orange. This is set on to a fascinating foundation of tonka bean, caramel, and praline, with a hint of patchouli. Make your parties more beautiful with the help of this amazing spring and summer perfume.

Smells like: A delicious fruit dessert mixed with vanilla custard

3. Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum

This summer perfume is for all of you lavender aficionados out there. When YSL's Libre perfume dries down to a warm vanilla base, it includes floral notes that aren't powdery. An easy-to-appreciate scent, it doesn't require much contemplation. Vanilla and ambergris keep things grounded, yet the florals are overpowering.

Smells like: A lavender bubble gum

4. Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum

With a reputation for high-end candles, Byredo's scents should not be overlooked. The goal of each perfume is to elicit fond recollections and feelings of nostalgia in the wearer. Its signature aroma, Gypsy Water, is bright and woodsy at the same time.

Smells like: Walking through a field full of flowers and pine

5. Snif honorable mention perfume

Snif is revolutionizing the perfume industry by allowing you to try all of the fragrances in your trial kit for seven days risk-free before you have to pay for anything. Unisex fragrance Honorable Mention has a floral heart but also includes woodsy and spicy elements. Just feels good and attracts people to parties.

Smells like: A blend of floral and earthy scents

6. Tory Burch Signature Eau de Parfum

The "traditional" women's perfume is reimagined by Tory Burch, who combines florals with citrus and vetiver to create an earthy scent. It is a daytime scent that is not too overpowering.

Smells like: A mix of grapefruits and floral scents

7. Aesop Rozu

One of my favorite unisex fragrances, this one features notes of deep rose and rich guaiacwood that remind us a little bit of Earl Grey and invigoratingly minty shiso leaf. With its ability to go with both a crisp suit and a trendy little black dress, Rozu is the perfect smell for the forward-thinking, the adventurous, and the modern woman.

Smells like: Morning fresh shower

Final Thoughts:

Above are the best seven women must have spring/summer perfumes. Given their specific scent, you can choose the one you deem fit for you. Spring is here and the floral scents of the perfumes will take you to a whole new world.

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