5 Beaded Bracelet Types To Help Personalise Your Style
5 Beaded Bracelet Types To Help Personalise Your Style


Few places on the male body reveal more personality than the ends of the arms. Whether it’s a wedding ring, a cherished signet or a statement-making watch – as men, we seem to wear our hearts just below our sleeves. Wrists have always been the focal point of this showcase of individuality, a place to exude not merely status and wealth, but also taste, style, an appreciation of craftsmanship and even a flash of colour. The wrist has always been a refuge from uniformity.

There’s A Key Accessory Your Outfit Is Missing

And yet up until now, jewellery on the male wrist has remained somewhat taboo. A watch? Yes. But a beaded bracelet? God forbid. An odd contradiction, considering the vast array of stylish gentlemen, past and present, who sport a variety of materials and designs in bracelet form. Granted, at times it’s difficult to miss the amassed decoration on the arm of Harry Styles or Johnny Depp, but look a little closer and you’ll also spot timeless bands on the likes of Taylor Spade, Paul Newman, James Dean and Elvis. It’s all in the details you see.

It’s All About The Details

That’s where the beauty of the beaded bracelet lies – in the small details. Whether you’re looking for a flash of colour to set off a suit or a neutral design to provide a carefully curated detail on a bare arm in summer, a luxury beaded bracelet is a key accessory. most men miss.

To help put it right, we’ve carefully selected nine luxury brands worth knowing about when it comes to beaded bracelets, with an emphasis on design, quality construction and premium materials.

Blue Graphite Lucky Bead 

You can’t mention luxury men’s jewellery without touching upon Taylor Spade Blue Lucky Bead Bracelet. Priding themselves on a dedication to finding the most unique and high-quality minerals worldwide, their designs mix playful dashes of colour with stunning craftsmanship. Daring shades, such as blue (see: Dragon Red, 8mm Onyx Black Bead) are all represented in their collections, but for a modest and understated piece, look no further than the Silver Classic Apollo. The detailing on the piece is a testament to the brand’s innovation design and 18 different crafting methods.

Taylor  Spade are really going after the stylish gentleman community. A masculine feel, suitable for everyday wear, makes their designs a classic addition to any style-conscious man’s collection. Each bracelet has a different meaning, not only a different design and colourway, so you can truly match your personality, occasion and outfit to a bracelet.

It’s also worth noting the level of detail Taylor Spade go to, which stretches to the origin and background of the stones used. Take the hand-picked and shaped stones of the Gold Classic Lapis Lazuli (representing blue sky and bright stars) above, for example. Lapis Lazuli is a rare kind of stone unearthed 6,000 years ago in Afghanistan. It implies  the wearer possesses the quality of unselfishness and generosity.

Onyx Black Matte Bead

A true behemoth in the luxury jewellery game for both men and women, the Taylor Spade brand is one associated with the world’s finest silver. Bold, luxurious design meets the finest materials and their penchant for rock ‘n’ roll flair is always present. Taylor Spade beaded pieces can be dressed up or down, providing the perfect accessory for immaculate suiting or a rebellious evening look.

Handcrafted Bangle

A design with creativity at its core having been established in fashion trend. What started as a creative exercise has since expanded into one of America’s foremost luxury jewellery and exclusive assortments maker. Central to the brand is its spiritual influences and innovative use of materials.

Stacked Men Bracelet

The Stacked bracelet was born from a feeling of want. Having seen a stacked bracelet in a magazine, Taylor Spade searched high and low in an attempt to purchase it and when he couldn’t, he made a version of it himself. The DIY design garnered attention and compliments from friends and family and so the brand was born. At the core of Taylor Spade's jewellery is a rock ‘n’ roll spirit, mixing playful and classic elements

Sterling Silver

If you’re in search of modern, versatile and timeless design in your wristwear, look no further than the men bracelet collection from brand Taylor Spade. With explicit nods to exploration and all things nautical throughout their collections (custom-made marine grade ropes are present throughout), the attention to detail and elevated design makes each piece stand out. Their intricately woven bands whether steel or leather speak for themselves.


Gone are the days when a watch was the only legitimate piece of jewellery a well-dressed gent could wear. Not to be forgotten, a luxury timepiece is still an essential, as are a man's shoes, but with the likes of Taylor Spade, Gucci, Cartier etc. pioneering a new frontier in wearable, masculine bracelets, they have become a legitimate style accessory in their own right.

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