2022 Summer Getaway Destinations in the USA

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2022 Summer Getaway Destinations in the USA

If you're considering visiting the United States, you're not alone. The World Travel & Tourism Council anticipates a surge in travel demand in 2022, with levels perhaps exceeding those seen before the epidemic.

Thus, what are the best 2022 Summer getaway destinations in the USA? From resurgent metropolitan capitals to secluded paradises, national parks, and gorgeous islands, numerous destinations in the United States are primed to make a huge statement in 2022.

7 best 2022 Summer getaway destinations in the USA

1. Kauai, Hawai

Kauai is one of the best US travel spots for a romantic getaway in the summer. The northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai's landscape is very diverse which has lush green, tropical forests along with towering waterfalls. It also has deep canyons which are red and green. Kauai is the best aesthetic place to experience the cool feeling. 

Main attraction: Na Pali Coast

2. Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is among the classic seaside towns of the world that will give you a nostalgic feeling. This place makes you feel at home nonetheless if it is your first time trip. Being only a six-hour drive from New York City makes it easy to reach for those people who live in the northeast and want to enjoy a quick yet outstanding summer vacation.

Main attraction: Bradbury Mountain State Park, Casco Bay

3. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island, Georgia, is among the greatest vacation destinations in the USA in summer. Driftwood Beach's extraordinary scenery is always breathtaking whenever you visit it. The once-exclusive club boasts members as famous as J.P. Morgan and Joseph Pulitzer. 

Main attraction: Driftwood Beach

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Having  terrific food and great music for it's visitors and friendly people, New Orleans is a certain place to grab your attention. While taking a walk to the Mississippi Riverfront, you can have a glimpse of one of New Orleans' most ancient steamboats. Take a visit to the Garden District to see the many elegant mansions. You could get a peek of Sandra Bullock or Beyoncé, who both own properties in this neighborhood!

Main attraction: Garden District

5. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California is among the USA's most adventurous national parks. Summer is the most reasonable time if you are planning to visit this national park as the Yosemite will be in full swing.At this time of the year, the roads will be busy , and the camping sites will be available for camping. If you plan to enjoy the most prominent hikes in the valley, you will need hiking permits for you and your family. These permit cards can be obtained before your arrival or during your summer vacation stay.

Main attractions: Half Dome, Yosemite's Falls

6. San Francisco, California

When the street fairs begin in San Francisco, kayaking and boating along the renowned Bay become more comfortable, music festivals pop up, and wonderful hiking options abound. A trip to the Golden Gate Bridge is a must, as is a bike ride to Sausalito which is approximately 4 miles north of San Francisco. Enjoy the bay's houseboats and ice cream at Lappert's at affordable prices all inclusive taxes.

Main attraction: Prison island of Alcatraz

7. Glacier National Park, Montana

During hot weather, going To The Sun Road is one of the most astonishing routes in the United States. The most delicious food at Glacier National Park is huckleberry and every dish which includes it. You can take a boat tour on Many Glacier Lake or Grinnell Lake to experience the beauty of the park.

Main attraction: Drive to the Sun road, Reclusive Moose Cabins

Our Insight

Above are the top seven 2022 summer getaway destinations in the USA. Choose the best summer destination according to your vacation plan. Many tourism agencies offer airline tickets which you should book soon. We wish you a delightful summer vacation in 2022.

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