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As more and more celebrities start their nail polish lines and shows like Euphoria focus on nail art, it is no surprise that their acrylics mani skills have gone up a lot. They are setting cool and refreshing trends now.

So, if you need a little help with celebrity nail design trends, look no further. This is a list of all the celebrity manicures we like best.

1. Jennifer Lopez: Pressed Floral Mani

For a "bohemian rock & roll" manicure in March 2022, the singer went to nail artist Tom Bachik. Surprisingly, it is easy to do, and you will be able to get the same nail design pattern. With the Tweezerman Push and Nail Cleaner, Bachik says that you should clean up your cuticles and apply a base coat before you put dried flowers on your round shape nails. Bio Seaweed Gel No Wipe Top Coat is the last thing you need to do to make sure the flowers stay where you put them.

2. Blake Lively: Half Moon mani

This is how the Betty Buzz founder looked at the premiere of The Adam Project organized in February 2022. She had a beautiful half-moon manicure on. Elle Gerstein, a nail artist, wrote on Instagram that "the details" were important for '60s-style nails with mini-moons for a boho-chic cool-girl look.

3. Beyonce: Barbie pink mani

It was thought that the days of bright pink Barbie polish designs were over. Beyonce says that is not true. Her Valentine's Day manicure may be the most stylish and sexy one ever. She posted it on Instagram, and it looks good enough to wear all year.

4. Sydney Sweeney: Monochrome abstract mani

No, you do not have to wear the rainbow version of the abstract mani to be on-trend. The monochrome abstract mani might still be considered a strong abstract. This is how Sweeney did it: She used black and white to make a subtle statement but kept the colour scheme fun.

5. Vanessa Hudgens: Holographic crystal nails

Holographic polish is one of our favourite inspo nail finishes right now, but the real magic happens when the nail itself is multifaceted and prismatic like real crystals.

6. Hailey Bieber: Galaxy Nails

Manicurist Lisa Kon just wowed us with an intergalactic gel manicure. She used her brand of polish, in the colour "Cat Eye Infinity 05," and it looks like we are seeing stars. In this black-based nail colour, there are light-shifting streaks of green and blue shimmer that make us think of natural things like the aurora borealis or phosphorescence on the moonlit beach.

7. Selena Gomez: Skittles manicure

A sunny Skittles manicure was what Gomez chose for her nails, with five colours on each hand. They were all different and vibrant colours. All we can say about the multicolour thing is that we think the "taste the rainbow" nail trend is back.

8. Camila Mendes: Subtle sparkly mani

I bet when you think of glitter, you think of gaudy, right? In place of the classic chunky gleam, Riverdale star Camila Mendes went with the drawn-on type, bosting the subtle shimmering and filled pearlescent polish with some sparkle emoji-style designs which were added to each nail.

9. Megan The Stallion: Bones nails

A skeleton collection! The singer wore a bone manicure in the music video for "Sweetest Pie," which was released in March 2022, thanks to nail artist Coca Michelle.

10. Rihanna: Short nails manicure

Your eyes will be drawn to the huge "Rih" ring right away. But we also think you should look at what could be the best nail trend in town, which can be a comeback to chic, short, and neutral manicures. We don't know if Rihanna is just going for a more realistic look while she's pregnant, but for now, we're fortunate to see a celebrity show off a look that we can achieve.

11. Cardi B: Aura nails

Cardi B's stylish interpretation of manicure is great. Cardi B's spectrum nails, which feature a long sequence of squared-off nails delicately decorated with varying auras on each with subtle 3D details, are certain to be an exception this summer.

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