2021 Spring Trends

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2021 Jewelry Trends That Will Seriously Improve Your Accessories Game


A wave of Bold and Fine jewelry define most of the trend

The start of 2021 is not going to be how we had welcomed all the other years. The pandemic outbreak has made 2021 a year full of hopes. This time the fashion sense says it too by making a real impact in women confidence with bolder jewelry.

Taylor spade step in on that trend with the boldness jewelry you can find on the market, meticulously handcrafted with one intention and that is to boost your confidence.

From Zoom meetings to working from home. Taylor spade had to adapt swiftly to a very unique and new way of how we live and this is why we introduce the " ONLY THE FINEST" collection, you will find your new loves in our collection with the best quality and cheapest price on the market.

Pearls. From snob to instantly cool

Pearls and crystals can be thought of as being a little old-fashioned. Upper-class snobs and, most definitely, your grandma favored favorite pieces of jewelry. Perhaps not something that sparks the thought of sudden freshness in your head. Take a look at our Pearl Collection and it will completely blow your mind and change your thoughts on pearls. 

Silver Jewelry With Pearls

The undying love of pearl is a welcome addition to silver jewelry also in 2021. Credits for an eclectic pattern and a nurturing look over silver that is certainly a calming piece of jewelry.

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